The Best Behind-the-ear Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Behind the ear style amplifiers are the most popular style of amplifier hearing aids. A lot of people find this style to be the most comfortable and most natural to adjust to, especially if it is their first time using an aid to hear. There is a vast difference in the quality, of the various … Read more

The Best Hand-held Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Hand-held personal hearing amplifiers are an excellent alternative to the more common behind-the-ear hearing amplifiers. They are especially useful for anyone unable or unwilling to wear either hearing aids or find behind-the-ear amplifiers uncomfortable. The price of these types of amplifiers can range from $30 to $200, with a wide variety of products with different … Read more

Best Blue Tooth Enabled Hearing Amplifiers

Blue tooth enabled personal amplifiers, sometimes referred to as Smart P.S.A.Ps, can be personalized to the users hearing by the user themselves through an app. They are relatively inconspicuous because they are designed to look just like a blue tooth headset that people use to make phone calls, making these types of amplifiers a perfect … Read more