Laiwen Hearing Amplifier CIC (B-Series)

PROS: Affordable In-canal design (not a lot of options for in-canal amplifiers) Discrete CONS: Depending on the model, some users find the volume difficult to control   SUMMARY: The Laiwen is an interesting device because it is one of the few in-canal amplifiers that works quite well and isn’t very expensive. Laiwen offers three different … Read more

BLJ Hearing Amplifier

PROS: Reasonably priced Easy to use push-button control Comfortable CONS: Very small so it can be difficult for some users to operate   SUMMARY: The BLJ Hearing Amplifier is a direct competitor to the Laiwen in-canal option that we also recommend. It is moderately priced, small and comfy for most users to wear. They are … Read more

Best In-ear Personal Hearing Amplifiers and Aids

In-the-Ear (ITE) style of hearing amplifier is much less popular than the behind-the-ear models, so there is much less variety to choose from on the market. You can get many low-end, low-quality ITE products but they are often marketed to hunters who need amplification when out in nature and not intended for users with hearing … Read more

Etymotic QSA Personal Sound Amplifier Review

PROS: The Bean is easy to purchase, setup, and maintain. It requires no manual adjustment because a built-in sensor atomically enhances soft sounds and adjusts the sound level to an optimal mode. CONS: The two sound level settings may not offer enough sound customization for some users. The in-ear style may be uncomfortable for some … Read more