Best Hearing Amplifiers for 2019

Updated March 9, 2019 We’ve updated some of our recommended amplifiers for 2019. We have replaced one of our newer picks after some interesting reader feedback regarding the amplifier’s manufacturer, suggesting that it still had some customer service issues to work out. Hearing amplifiers and personal sound amplifier products (PSAP) can be helpful for people … Read moreBest Hearing Amplifiers for 2019

Best Hand-held Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Hand-held personal hearing amplifiers are an excellent alternative to the more common behind the ear hearing amplifiers. They are especially useful for anyone unable or unwilling to wear either hearing aids or find behind the ear amplifiers uncomfortable. The price of these types of amplifiers can range from $30 to $200, with a wide variety … Read moreBest Hand-held Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Best Behind-the-ear Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Updated Jan 4, 2019: We’ve updated some of our top picks. We have removed one of the more expensive devices that were not very popular with our readers and replaced it with two of the new Neosonic amplifiers that are getting great reviews, and are good value for the features and quality you are getting. … Read moreBest Behind-the-ear Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Otofonix Elite Personal Sound Amplifier Review

PROS: It has four memory setting for different hearing environments ( Normal, Noisy, Treble and Power). Comes with ten easy to adjust volume settings Small and comfortable to wear Ready to use right out of the box 45 day hassle free return policy   CONS: The device is so small that some users may find … Read moreOtofonix Elite Personal Sound Amplifier Review

Walkers Game Ear Assisted Listening Devices

Walker’s is a company that puts out a line of products called Game Ear that is marketed to hunters for shooting protection, safety, and devices to help you hear when hunting. These products are so successful with hunters that many customers end up using them as hearing amplifiers for their everyday life, although this isn’t … Read moreWalkers Game Ear Assisted Listening Devices

Best Blue Tooth Enabled Hearing Amplifiers

Blue tooth enabled personal amplifiers, sometimes referred to as Smart P.S.A.Ps, is where the most innovative and advanced technology in the hearing amplifier market is happening. The best feature of these devices is that they can be personalized to the users hearing by the user themselves through an app. They are relatively inconspicuous because they … Read moreBest Blue Tooth Enabled Hearing Amplifiers