iHearMAX High Definition Hearing Device

PROS: Very small and discreet You can customize the sound at home Manufactured in USA Has a telecoil CONS: You have to buy an additional programming kit in order to customize the sound Tips/domes need to be replaced once a month SUMMARY:  One of the newer (released August 2016), economically priced, high quality amplifiers that … Read moreiHearMAX High Definition Hearing Device

Bellman Audio Maxi Personal Amplifier Review

PROS: The Controls are well laid out; you can customize the device to your personal listening preferences to a greater degree than comparable devices. CONS: The larger size makes it difficult to fit in a pocket. SUMMARY: If you are someone who needs a bit of hearing help in specific situations the Bellman and Symfom … Read moreBellman Audio Maxi Personal Amplifier Review

Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Review

PROS: Very easy to use; it has a long extension cable and mic that will help eliminate any ambient noise when people speak directly into the mic. It makes a good, affordable alternative to hearing aids. CONS: Earphones could be better quality SUMMARY: The Pocketalker is an excellent product for anyone who has a hearing … Read moreWilliams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Review

Tweak Hearing Focus Amplifier Review

Buy on Amazon PROS: Straightforward to set up. Inexpensive compared to hearing aids. Easy to adjust the sound preference. CONS: You have to open the battery door when not in use to preserve the battery life. If you want to get the extended warranty, you need to purchase a hearing aid Dry and Store. SUMMARY: … Read moreTweak Hearing Focus Amplifier Review

Empower Boost Hearing Amplifier Review

PROS: Affordable, easy to use. Users can customize the sound to suit their level of hearing loss. It doesn’t need to be custom fit, and it is lightweight and discrete CONS: The noise reduction function takes some getting used to. SUMMARY: This is a fantastic quality product that does what it claims to do, it … Read moreEmpower Boost Hearing Amplifier Review

Clarity XLC3.4 Amplified Cordless Phone Review

PROS: It has talking caller ID and talking dialing feature. It also has a high level of amplification at 50 dB amplification on incoming sound and 95 dB level amplification on the ringer. It features huge buttons with a high-contrast screen that is helpful for users with low vision. CONS: The phone doesn’t have an … Read moreClarity XLC3.4 Amplified Cordless Phone Review