Online Hearing Tests – What You Need to Know

For anyone who is wondering whether they are experiencing hearing loss, there are several free hearing tests that you can take online that will give you some guidance on whether you should seek professional help. Online hearing tests are not meant to replace a hearing test that would be administered by an audiologist, but they … Read moreOnline Hearing Tests – What You Need to Know

Soundhawk Smart Listening System Review

***Soundhawk went out of business in 2016 SUMMARY: Soundhawk is extremely useful for users with mild to moderate hearing loss who might experience situational hearing difficulties. What makes this product really worthwhile is allowing the user to take control and customize the device to their own hearing specifications.PROS: The Soundhawk is inexpensive, and very easy … Read moreSoundhawk Smart Listening System Review

Sound World Solutions CS50 Review

SUMMARY: The CS50 has proven itself to be an excellent solution for people who have moderate hearing loss and only need a hearing boost in certain situations. There are a couple of issues with the device, but it is a top product that uses cutting edge technology for a really good price. PROS: Functions in … Read moreSound World Solutions CS50 Review

Best Blue Tooth Enabled Hearing Amplifiers

Blue tooth enabled personal amplifiers, sometimes referred to as Smart P.S.A.Ps, is where the most innovative and advanced technology in the hearing amplifier market is happening. The best feature of these devices is that they can be personalized to the users hearing by the user themselves through an app. They are relatively inconspicuous because they … Read moreBest Blue Tooth Enabled Hearing Amplifiers

Best Amplified Phones for the Hearing Impaired

Talking on the phone can be a frustrating and difficult experience when someone has hearing loss. Luckily many different resources and products can help people who have difficulty hearing understand the person on the other end of the line. Shopping for a phone for the hard of hearing can be a confusing experience with many … Read moreBest Amplified Phones for the Hearing Impaired

Best Induction Loop Devices For TV Watching

  Top Products Name Loop America Univox DLS-50 William Sound Small Loop System PLA-215 Range  90 Ft loop wire with up to 475 sq ft coverage 100 FT loop wire you need to set up around the room you will watch tv in -3 ft range outside the loop  120 ft loop cable up to … Read moreBest Induction Loop Devices For TV Watching