Laiwen Hearing Amplifier CIC (B-Series)


  • Affordable
  • In-canal design (not a lot of options for in-canal amplifiers)
  • Discrete


  • Depending on the model, some users find the volume difficult to control


SUMMARY: The Laiwen is an interesting device because it is one of the few in-canal amplifiers that works quite well and isn’t very expensive. Laiwen offers three different in-canal models the B01, B23, and the B25 that have slightly different features and go up in price from the B01 to the B25. They are designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.


If you have been looking for an in-canal hearing amplifier, the Laiwen B series options are worth having a look at. They offer three very inexpensive basic models that range in price from $60 to $110 per ear that appears to work well for a decent number of people.


The Laiwen B Series models are an excellent option for those who have tried out the behind-the-ear models and have found them to either have sound quality issues or find them to be uncomfortable. The design on the Laiwen models is small and can fit into most people’s ears comfortably. In some cases, they can go unnoticed and help people feel less self-conscious of the aid. The three models that they offer have the same basic design, and most users find them to be a comfortable fit. All of the amplifiers in the B series are roughly 0.5″ by 0.4″ so they are pretty small. They are also lightweight as they weight only 3g, so they should feel comfortable in the ear.


Sound Quality

Most users report the sound quality to be quite good on this model if you can get past the whistling as you try to get a good fit on your ear dome that may occur when you are setting it up. The B01 and B23 offer 38 dB of peak gain, while the B25 provides 40dB of gain. The B25 also has a 12dB noise reduction function that, by most accounts, works quite well. It also offers six multi-channel expansion with 12 bands digital processing



These Laiwen amplifiers come with a one year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Help and Support

The company offers outstanding customer support if you run into any issue. You can contact them through their Amazon seller page or by email, and most people report getting timely and excellent customer service.

Sound Customization

The B01 and the B23 only come with one listening mode, which is okay if you only want to use the amplifier when you are at home or to have a quiet conversation. If you’re going to use the device for different situations like in noisy environments, you will want to get the B25 model as it has three distinct listening modes for different types of environments plus a mode for when you are sleeping so you can save your battery.  If you are looking for the most customization you should check out the B25, it is a little bit more expensive, but for most people, it will be worth it.

Battery Life

The B series products use a size 10 battery that will generally last 2-3 days, some people can get it up to around 40 hours. You can turn off the battery when you sleep to conserve it on the B25 model.


It is quite difficult to find a decent quality in-canal amplifier that is also reasonably priced. The Laiwen is one of the best in canal options in this price range, and depending on the model you get (get the B25 if you can), the sound quality, ease of use, and functionality are well worth the cost.


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