The Best Behind-the-ear Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Updated September 26, 2019:
We’ve modified one of our top picks for the best behind-the-ear models. We have removed a more expensive option and replaced it with the Coniler model that includes two devices to provide more quality options for different budgets. For the low price point, it gets pretty good reviews and appears to be good value for the features and quality you are getting.

Behind the ear style amplifiers are designed to look like hearing aids. Companies that sell personal sound amplifiers are not allowed to call these types of devices hearing aids, but some of the higher-end amplifiers use similar kinds of components and technology that hearing aids use, but for a much lower cost.

There is a vast difference in the quality of the various types of sound devices that are on the market.  You can get very cheap behind-the-ear products that are virtually useless, all the way up to very high-quality devices that cost from $300-$400 per ear. When you are shopping for behind the ear styles of amplifier, look for products that are lightweight and comfortable, offer high sound quality, and allow you to customize the sound to your personal listening preference.

If you would like to see all of our top picks for different styles of amplifiers, see our Best Hearing Amplifiers Buying Guide.

Best Behind the Ear Hearing Amplifier 2019

Empower Boost#1Read the Full ReviewCheck Pricing on Amazonlifeearnew
Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-201#1 (Budget)Read the Full ReviewCheck Pricing on Amazon
Otofonix Elite Mini Hearing Amplifier#2Read the Full ReviewCheck Pricing on Amazon
Digital Hearing Amplifier by Britzgo BHA-220#3Read the Full ReviewCheck Pricing on Amazon
Neosonic BTE#4Read the Full ReviewCheck Pricing on Amazon
Coniler Hearing Amplifier#5Check Pricing

Empower Personal Audio Amplifier

cs10Empower is as close as you can get to a hearing aid without actually buying a hearing aid. At the cost of around $350 per ear, Empower makes a suitable alternative, for those who are unable or unwilling to spend many thousands of dollars to buy a hearing aid. Read the Full Review

Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-201

If you are looking for an inexpensive hearing amplifier, this is a great option to consider. It costs around $120 and is one of the few BTE amplifiers that is rechargeable. Read the full review.

Features to Look for in Behind the Ear Amplifier


An essential element when looking for a personal sound amplifier is that you get a comfortable fit. If you do not have a comfortable fit, you most likely won’t wear the amplifier. The top brands tend to be very small and lightweight and should come with different ear domes that will allow you to find the fit that is best for you. As with almost all hearing aids and other behind the ear sound amplifiers, it takes patience and time for any of these types of devices to feel comfortable.


The designs of behind the ear styles are, for the most part, very similar between the different brands. You have the body of the device that will sit behind your ear connected to clear tubing that runs from the body of the device to an ear dome that you will place into your ear canal. Most brands come with a few different options of ear domes to fit different sized ears.

Sound Quality

Technology for the higher end sound amplifiers is improving at a relatively rapid rate, which means that the sound quality is also getting better. In many cases, the sound quality for some brands is on par with some costly hearing aids.   All amplifiers amplify the sound around them, and most of the higher-end brands also have noise-canceling technology. Some have a specific setting for different types of situations you may find yourself in.


You must pay particular attention to the warranty of any amplifier that you are considering purchasing. Since there are a lot of different types of hearing loss, products that work well for other people may not work so well for your hearing loss.

Battery Life

The battery life between the different types of amplifiers can vary quite a bit. Many behind the ear models run on various sizes of zinc batteries, and the battery life can range from 7 days to around 20 days.

Sound Customization

Some of the newest models of amplifiers that are coming out are including the ability to customize the sound of the device to a higher degree than ever before. At the very minimum, you should look for a device that lets you control not only the volume but the tone as well, another great thing to look for are different settings that allow you hear different frequencies.

Budget hearing amplifier generally don’t give you an option to customize the sound too much.