Best Induction Loop Devices For TV Watching


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Name Loop America
Univox DLS-50 William Sound Small Loop System PLA-215

Range  90 Ft loop wire with up to 475 sq ft coverage 100 FT loop wire you need to set up around the room you will watch tv in -3 ft range outside the loop  120 ft loop cable up to 540 sq ft room
Can it be used without a telecoil-equipped hearing aid No. You need to have a manual telecoil switch on your hearing aid to use this device No Yes, but you need to also purchase a Willam Sound induction loop receiver (PLR SR1)
Does it work with chair pad loop Yes
Headphone Jack Yes Yes Yes
Microphone Jack No Yes No
Warranty 3-year Manufacturer Warranty 1-year Manufacturer Warranty 2-year manufacturer warranty
Money Back Guarantee No No No
Estimated Price $150 – $220 $200-$300 $170- $200
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