Best Induction Loop Devices For TV Watching


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Name Loop America
Univox DLS-50William Sound Small Loop System PLA-215

Range 90 Ft loop wire with up to 475 sq ft coverage100 FT loop wire you need to set up around the room you will watch tv in -3 ft range outside the loop 120 ft loop cable up to 540 sq ft room
Can it be used without a telecoil equipped hearing aidNo.You need to have a manual telecoil switch on your hearing aid to use this deviceNoYes, but you need to also purchase a Willam Sound induction loop reciever (PLR SR1)
Does it work with chair pad loop Yes
Headphone JackYesYesYes
Microphone JackNoYesNo
Warranty3 year Manufacturer Warranty1 year Manufacturer Warranty2 year manufacturer warranty
Money Back GuaranteeNoNoNo
Estimated Price$150 – $220$200-$300$170- $200