BLJ Hearing Amplifier


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to use push-button control
  • Comfortable


  • Very small so it can be difficult for some users to operate


SUMMARY: The BLJ Hearing Amplifier is a direct competitor to the Laiwen in-canal option that we also recommend. It is moderately priced, small and comfy for most users to wear. They are a little brightly colored with the right ear being red and the left ear is a blue color, but when in the ear the color isn’t as noticeable. They are easy to set up if you read the instructions carefully. The BLJ device offers plenty of volume levels that are easy to change. It comes nicely packaged with a compact carrying case and several different options for ear sizes.


These BLJ devices are tiny at only 0.5″ by 0.35″ with a depth of 0.7″ and a weight of only 1g, so they are super lightweight.  The different ears come in different colors, so you have to get the right color for the correct ear. Most users find this design to be comfy to wear, but since people have very different ear shapes, these may not be the right design for everyone. They do come with are several differently shaped ear domes that you need to experiment with to get the right fit. If the dome does not fit well in your ear, you will get feedback, and the hearing quality won’t be good.

Sound Quality

This model has 6 channels, 3 programs, and 8 volume levels. The BLJ model has digital signal processing that breaks sound down into several frequencies and compresses them independently for better intelligibility. It also has a good feedback cancellation filter. You will have to play around with the different program and volume settings before you get the best sound quality. The peak gain is 40 dB.


BLJ offers 45-day hassle-free returns and a 1-year warranty.

Help and Support

This device comes with comprehensive instructions that are easy to understand with photographs and useful hints. The seller also has a reputation for being very easy to deal with and helpful if you run into problems.

Sound Customization

There are 8 volume levels and three modes for different noise level situations, so if you play around with it enough, you will most likely be able to find a suitable setting for your hearing loss.

Battery Life

It uses size 10 hearing aid batteries that will last for approximately 3-5 days or about 48 hours.


The BLJ hearing amplifier is a fantastic in-canal design that is easy to use, put in, take out, adjust, and replace the battery. They’re comfortable, they are affordable, and once you get used to them, they will work well for many people with mild to moderate hearing loss. They come with a nice case with a brush for cleaning that also has a magnet to help with batteries, a tool to replace the wax guards, several ear adapters, several replacement wax guards, and a couple of batteries to get you started.


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