Pyle 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Tv Headset Headphone System


SUMMARY: The Pyle 2.4GHz Digital Wireless TV Headset Headphone System is a good option if you are looking for a device that can help you watch TV (or computers, DVD players, etc.) without disturbing others. This device means you can watch TV at a volume level that is comfortable for you. It will also help clarify the voices on the TV so you can watch TV at a lower volume. It also has a built-in microphone that you can use to hear conversations with family and friends better.


  • Cheaper than some competitors
  • Works Well
  • Easy to set up


  • The headset is a little heavy and may become uncomfortable if you are wearing for extended periods

Sound Quality

For the most part, the sound quality is reported to be good, although at lower volumes some users have found that there is a hissing sound in the background. The hissing generally goes away if the volume is turned up, although some users may not like to use the headphones at a higher volume. If you have a lot of trouble hearing, this unit does allow the volume to go quite loud, since the signal-to-noise ratio is 80 dbs. It also has an adjustable tone as well as a balance control which helps to clarify the sound and the voices on TV shows.


The design is a wireless stethoscope-style headset with a receiver/docking base. The docking base is used to pick up the signal from the TV as well as to recharge the headphones. The headphones have the controls on the lower half of the body of the headphone (see picture below). The headset also has a removable and rechargeable battery.



Some users find the stethoscope-style of headphone to be a little uncomfortable if you have to wear them for long periods. The Pyle earbuds seem to cause a bit more discomfort for users because the battery is at the bottom of the headset, and the weight of the battery may tug down on the ears. The total weight of the headset is 1.15 lbs, which is comparable to the weight of its competitors. Just an FYI about stethoscope headsets, they are meant to sit inside your ears, so this isn’t a good style if you wear hearing aids unless you are fine taking your hearing aids out when you use the headset.


Most users find that the Pyle Wireless headset performs well for both watching TV (or computers, DVD players) as well as listening to conversations. The range of the wireless headset is pretty far at over 50′ feet. So you should be able to walk around your house and still hear the TV if you need to. It does have noise-canceling and voice clarifying technology which helps to improve the sound quality and the overall performance of the device.

Setup and Ease of Use

Everything you need for the setup is included in the package that comes with the headset system. All you need to do is plug it into the back of your TV, charge the headset and when it has charged it is ready to use. Even users who aren’t comfortable installing most devices shouldn’t have any trouble with this Pyle device. It does come with several different cables for different TV setup situations.

Battery Life


This device uses a removable Lithium-ion, 3.7V battery. According to Pyle, the battery life can be up to 18 hours with the average charging time taking around 3.5 hours. With these types of devices, a lot of people buy two headsets so if the battery runs down and you forget to charge it on one set, or you don’t realize the battery is about to die, you have the other set as a backup.

Warranty and Product Support

It comes with a one year warranty, and the company offers a link to support on their website.

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