Otofonix Elite Personal Sound Amplifier Review


  • It has 4 memory setting for different hearing environments ( Normal, Noisy, Treble and Power).
  • Comes with 10 easy to adjust volume settings
  • Small and comfortable to wear
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • 45 day hassle free return policy



  • The device is so small that some users may find the battery difficult to change if they have hand weakness or reduced dexterity.



This is one of the newer amplifiers to hit the market. It was released in the summer of 2016 it is a direct competitor to the wildly popular Empower (formerly Lifeear). The Otofonix Digital Hearing Amplifier uses patented state-of-the-art digital processing that seems to be on par with its similarity priced competitors. There is only one switch to operate the amplifier, so it is very easy to use, as well as allowing for some customization to help you get the right sound for you. It has a one year factory warranty and a 45 day money back guarantee so you can test it out and if it isn’t right for you it is easy to return.

The Otofonix Personal Sound Amplifier is one option if you are looking for a behind-the-ear amplifier in the $300 to $400 price range. It is great for individuals who want a simple easy to use device that offers some of the more advanced technology that you won’t find on cheaper devices. It has background noise reduction and feedback cancellation that helps to deliver good sound quality. It is also extremely small and has a comfortable fit for most users.

Otofonix is based in Huntersville NC, USA, but the amplifiers are manufactured in China (as most are). The company was founded by a retired Board-Certified Otolaryngologist (ENT Physician) who helped design this amplifier along with the help of other hearing specialist and audiologists.


Most users seem to agree that the Otofonix is a comfortable device. It comes preassembled with the most popular size sound tube and a medium size ear dome. In total it comes with 2 sound tubes and 3 ear domes (small, medium and large) to ensure you are able to get a comfortable fit for your size of ear.  The small size of the device, as well as the small size of the sound tube, adds a great deal to just how comfortable this amplifier is to wear. As with other devices it will take some time to adjust to the settings, especially if you haven’t worn an amplifier in the past.



Sound Quality

You have to remember that this device is a sound amplifier, so it will amplify the sounds around you. Because of this, it takes a little while to get used to using. Some users find that cheap amplifiers are useless when you go to environments that have a lot of noise like a restaurant. What is great about this device is that it has background noise cancelling technology, making it very useful in difficult to hear situations. Some users have noted that the open dome type of amplifier gives you a more natural hearing experience. The rocker switch controls both volume and the 4 pre-sets, so you have to play around with that switch a bit to make sure you find what works best for you in various situations


The Otofonix Personal Sound Amplifier devices come with a 45-Day free return policy. To return the item you just need to contact the company and they will give you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and also tell you exactly how to return it.

The amplifier comes with a 1 year factory warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If it stops working due to parts, material or workmanship the company will repair or replace it for free (if they inspect it and agree that it isn`t working because of one of those reasons).  The manufacturer also offers a Protection Plan in case you are worried about unexpected or accidental damage.

Battery Life

The Otofonix Elite takes a size 312 zinc air hearing aid battery that can be purchased at places like Costco, Walmart or online on Amazon. The batteries can last about 7 to 10 days depending on how much the amplifier is used. The company recommends that you open the battery compartment door when you go to bed at night to help conserve the battery life.

Help and Support

The Otofonix website has a support section that offers email support or if you prefer you can call them between 9-5 Eastern Time for phone support. It comes with a helpful user-friendly instruction booklet and if that isn’t enough the company’s website has an extensive FAQ. You can download the user manual or watch a number of different instructional videos for info on setup and common problems. It is important that you read the manual or at the very least watch the videos, because while it is a simple to use device once you are used to it you need to know how the rocker switch works so you can get the sound environment for your needs

Sound Customization

The Otofonix is designed to be as easy to use as possible so it has 4 pre-programmed amplification settings to fit the most common hearing loss and hearing environments.  With a little bit of trial and error you will be able to find the right settings for your hearing loss in the various situations you encounter in your daily life. The company claims that the four pre-programmed settings address 95% of the most common listening challenges. The settings that you can choose from are:

Normal setting – Normal listening environment like having a conversion in your home

Noisy setting – You use this setting when you need to reduce background noise, great for a restaurant or a mall.

Treble setting – If you find that you are getting feedback or any type of high pitched sound you would switch it to the treble setting.

Power setting – Has a higher volume than the normal setting, this is a good setting for watching TV.




The Otofonix Personal Sound Amplifier color options are cream beige and pearl grey. You must buy either a left or right ear version, if you can only afford one ear experts recommend that you buy for the ear that you hear best from.  These devices are intended for moderate hearing loss, not severe hearing loss.


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