Geemarc Ultra/ AMPLIPOWER50™ Review

PROS: This phone is the loudest amplified phone you can buy. It lets you adjust the volume and tone frequencies. It has three emergency buttons you can program and also large buttons for easy dialing. Comes with wall mountable fixture. CONS: No caller ID, or answering machine feature. If you set the volume too high, … Read more Geemarc Ultra/ AMPLIPOWER50™ Review

Clarity Amplified Photo Phone Review

PROS: This budget phone is easy to program and to use. It comes with photo memory buttons that are good for anyone with low vision. It is also good for mild hearing loss because it has up to 26 dBs of incoming amplification. CONS: Not a lot of features. No caller ID, speakerphone, answering machine. … Read more Clarity Amplified Photo Phone Review