The Degrees of Hearing Loss – An Overview

Degrees of hearing loss refers to the severity of the loss and are generally described as mild, moderate, severe, or profound. If the hearing loss is between two categories it is usually described as a combination of the two categories (mild-to-moderate or moderate-to-severe). When looking for a hearing amplifier you must understand the degree of … Read more The Degrees of Hearing Loss – An Overview

Best TV Soundbars for Hearing Impaired

One of the best devices to help people with hearing loss hear their TV better is the TV soundbar speaker that contains hearing aid technology. The most popular company that is making soundbars that includes hearing aid technology is ZVOX. They created a technology called AccuVoice that can lift voices out of the dialogue and … Read more Best TV Soundbars for Hearing Impaired

Laiwen Hearing Amplifier CIC (B-Series)

PROS: Affordable In-canal design (not a lot of options for in-canal amplifiers) Discrete CONS: Depending on the model, some users find the volume difficult to control   SUMMARY: The Laiwen is an interesting device because it is one of the few in-canal amplifiers that works quite well and isn’t very expensive. Laiwen offers three different … Read more Laiwen Hearing Amplifier CIC (B-Series)