The Best Hearing Amplifiers of 2021

Hearing amplifiers are helpful for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who need a bit of assistance when watching TV, during conversations, or when in a noisy situation like a restaurant. The best amplifiers can often work well as an inexpensive, over-the-counter alternative to a hearing aid that you can get without a prescription. … Read more

Best TV Soundbars for Hearing Impaired

One of the best devices to help people with hearing loss hear their TV better is the TV soundbar speaker that contains hearing aid technology. The most popular company that is making soundbars that includes hearing aid technology is ZVOX. They created a technology called AccuVoice that can lift voices out of the dialogue and … Read more

The Best Behind-the-ear Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Behind the ear style amplifiers are the most popular style of amplifier hearing aids. A lot of people find this style to be the most comfortable and most natural to adjust to, especially if it is their first time using an aid to hear. There is a vast difference in the quality, of the various … Read more

Best TV Headphones for the Hearing Impaired

There are several excellent quality TV headphones for the hearing impaired (sometimes called TV hearing aids) that include features like voice clarification software and tone control, that make watching TV much more enjoyable. They are usually wireless devices that use either radio frequency or infrared light to transmit the sound from the TV directly to … Read more

The Degrees of Hearing Loss – An Overview

Degrees of hearing loss refers to the severity of the loss and are generally described as mild, moderate, severe, or profound. If the hearing loss is between two categories it is usually described as a combination of the two categories (mild-to-moderate or moderate-to-severe). When looking for a hearing amplifier you must understand the degree of … Read more

Learn About the Causes of Hearing Loss

As many as 40 million American adults are believed to have hearing loss, so it is quite a common issue, especially in an aging population. In some cases, it is not known what has caused a particular case of hearing loss, but for the most part, causes of hearing loss are well understood and easy … Read more

Laiwen Hearing Amplifier CIC (B-Series)

PROS: Affordable In-canal design (not a lot of options for in-canal amplifiers) Discrete CONS: Depending on the model, some users find the volume difficult to control   SUMMARY: The Laiwen is an interesting device because it is one of the few in-canal amplifiers that works quite well and isn’t very expensive. Laiwen offers three different … Read more

Hearing Amplifers Under $50

It is difficult to find a good hearing amplifier for under $50 that will really help you to hear well in difficult hearing situations. If you can spend a little bit more the quality does improve fairly drastically the more you spend. Amplifiers that fall into this price range will amplify all the sounds around … Read more