Best TV Headphones for the Hearing Impaired

Updated Jan 4, 2019 There are several excellent quality TV headphones for the hearing impaired (sometimes called TV hearing aids) that include features like voice clarification software and tone control, that make watching TV much more enjoyable. They are usually wireless devices that use either radio frequency or infrared light to transmit the sound from … Read moreBest TV Headphones for the Hearing Impaired

Pocketalker Ultra 2.0 Review

PROS: Thin Light weight Better sound quality than in previous versions Can work as a t-coil receiver if there is a loop setup   SUMMARY: The Pocketalker Ultra 2.o is the latest in the very popular Pocketalker series of handheld hearing amplifiers. These types of amplifiers are perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to wear … Read morePocketalker Ultra 2.0 Review

Bellman Audio Maxi Personal Amplifier Review

PROS: The Controls are well laid out; you can customize the device to your personal listening preferences to a greater degree than comparable devices. CONS: The larger size makes it difficult to fit in a pocket. SUMMARY: If you are someone who needs a bit of hearing help in specific situations the Bellman and Symfom … Read moreBellman Audio Maxi Personal Amplifier Review

Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Review

PROS: Very easy to use; it has a long extension cable and mic that will help eliminate any ambient noise when people speak directly into the mic. It makes a good, affordable alternative to hearing aids. CONS: Earphones could be better quality SUMMARY: The Pocketalker is an excellent product for anyone who has a hearing … Read moreWilliams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Review

Tweak Hearing Focus Amplifier Review

Buy on Amazon PROS: Straightforward to set up. Inexpensive compared to hearing aids. Easy to adjust the sound preference. CONS: You have to open the battery door when not in use to preserve the battery life. If you want to get the extended warranty, you need to purchase a hearing aid Dry and Store. SUMMARY: … Read moreTweak Hearing Focus Amplifier Review

Empower Boost Hearing Amplifier Review

PROS: Affordable, easy to use. Users can customize the sound to suit their level of hearing loss. It doesn’t need to be custom fit, and it is lightweight and discrete CONS: The noise reduction function takes some getting used to. SUMMARY: This is a fantastic quality product that does what it claims to do, it … Read moreEmpower Boost Hearing Amplifier Review

Clarity XLC3.4 Amplified Cordless Phone Review

PROS: It has talking caller ID and talking dialing feature. It also has a high level of amplification at 50 dB amplification on incoming sound and 95 dB level amplification on the ringer. It features huge buttons with a high-contrast screen that is helpful for users with low vision. CONS: The phone doesn’t have an … Read moreClarity XLC3.4 Amplified Cordless Phone Review

Sound World Solutions CS50 Review

SUMMARY: The CS50 has proven itself to be an excellent solution for people who have moderate hearing loss and only need a hearing boost in certain situations. There are a couple of issues with the device, but it is a top product that uses cutting edge technology for a really good price. PROS: Functions in … Read moreSound World Solutions CS50 Review