Best Hearing Amplifiers for 2019

Updated March 9, 2019 We’ve updated some of our recommended amplifiers for 2019. We have replaced one of our newer picks after some interesting reader feedback regarding the amplifier’s manufacturer, suggesting that it still had some customer service issues to work out. Hearing amplifiers and personal sound amplifier products (PSAP) can be helpful for people … Read moreBest Hearing Amplifiers for 2019

Best In-ear Personal Hearing Amplifiers

In the Ear (ITE) style of hearing amplifier is much less popular than the behind the ear models, so there is much less variety to choose from on the market. You can get many low-end, low-quality ITE products but they are often marketed to hunters who need amplification when out in nature and not intended … Read moreBest In-ear Personal Hearing Amplifiers

Best Blue Tooth Enabled Hearing Amplifiers

Blue tooth enabled personal amplifiers, sometimes referred to as Smart P.S.A.Ps, is where the most innovative and advanced technology in the hearing amplifier market is happening. The best feature of these devices is that they can be personalized to the users hearing by the user themselves through an app. They are relatively inconspicuous because they … Read moreBest Blue Tooth Enabled Hearing Amplifiers